Fun in the Swiss Countryside

A lot of times, when we travel, we go to visit cities. We enjoy nice restaurants, museums, theme parks, tours, and hotels. And we have a great time! But it can also be great fun to try something totally different for a vacation.

We went to Switzerland in the summertime, and instead of using a large city like Geneva or Zurich as our “home base”, we stayed in Murren, a tiny car-free town halfway up a mountain. It took four trains and a cable car to reach this destination, but the experience was fantastic! Just look at the view!


It was fun to stay in a small town. We did a lot of hiking in the area, which was easy because the trails are very well-marked. They even have signs to let you know approximately how long you’ll have to walk to get to the next town.


There are many hikers in that area in the summer, and we found people to be friendly on the trails, no matter what language you speak. The pathways lead through some of the summer pastures for the local cows, and the cows can be rather friendly too!


There are also many locations in this area which are very difficult to reach by car, which makes them really special. One day we stopped for lunch at a cheese farm high on a mountain, and ate our cheese in the company of actual dairy cows.


Some days, we packed a picnic for our hikes, and everything just tasted fantastic when surrounded by this scenery.


And our location in Murren worked well for side trips, too. To the Lauterbrunnen Valley, with its waterfalls;


The Jungfrau mountaintop, via train;


And the Piz Gloria restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn mountain, where a James Bond movie was filmed.


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