I recently went on the Disney Dream with my daughter, my two friends, and their daughters. The planning started months ago during a trip to see Frozen. It was so much fun to talk about it and makes plan in the months leading up to the cruise! My daughter and I were the only ones in our group that had been on a Disney cruise before. I was so excited for my friends to experience the Disney Dream!

The day of our departure we all were so excited! We drove together to the port and the girls were all smiles the entire drive. When we got to the port all three girls screamed with excitement when they saw the ship. Boarding was super easy and fast. The excitements on the girl’s faces when we stepped onboard to the lobby was priceless! We then went to Cabanas for lunch. The girls loaded their plates with crab legs and shrimp. They just could not believe the site of the buffet and that they could eat all they wanted! After lunch we explored the ship deck by deck. We spent a few hours just exploring before heading off to the family dance party in the District Lounge. We then went to the Walt Disney Theater and saw the production of the Golden Mickeys. It was truly a magical show. The girls caught golden mickeys that showered us at the end of the show. After the show we had late dining at Enchanted Garden, after dinner we went to our cabins to rest up for the next day.

our stateroom

inside stateroom

The next day we were at port in Nassau. We decided to stay on the ship and enjoy the pool and the Aqua Duck. It was such a fun day! We felt like we had to pool and Aqua Duck to ourselves. That afternoon we saw the movie Bears in the Buena Vista Theater. The girls thought it was so cool that we could watch a movie at sea that was still in the movie theaters at home. That evening was a fun filled night! We saw the production Villains, then dinner at Royal Palace. After dinner we attend the Pirate Party on deck. The night was truly spectacular watching the fireworks at sea and dancing under the stars!

fireworks at sea

royal chair

Saturday we were at port at Disney’s Castaway Cay. Us moms were able to relax in our chairs with a tropical drink in hand watching our girls play in the water. There is so much to do on Castaway Cay from snorkeling, the whale dig, shaded outdoor games, the water slides, biking, and port excursions. We relaxed on the beach while the girls swam and went on Pelican Plunge, the water slide. It was such a fun and relaxing day. When we went back to boat we swam at the pool and went the Aqua Duck again. That night we saw the production Believe and we had dinner at Animators Palate. Later that night was the Farwell Dance Party with all the characters. Our girl’s trip was such an amazing trip! Between meeting all the characters, the Oceaneers Club, the dance parties, the shows, watching movies poolside, unlimited ice cream, room service, shopping, or just being on the ship, our girls cannot pick their favorite. We already started making our plans for next year’s second annual Disney Cruise Girls Trip!

Castaway Cay

captain hook

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