If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World you probably know one of the hardest dining reservations to get is at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. These reservations often disappear within the first few minutes of the system opening 180 days in advance. But, never fear – there is another option!

Lunch at Be Our Guest is considered “upscale counter service” and does not require a reservation. In fact, reservations aren’t taken for lunch. The restaurant is part of a beta test for FastPasses for meals and select guests do receive an email about three weeks prior to their trip with the option for a FastPass return window. But even if you do not receive one of the random emails lunch is open to anyone willing to wait for a table. Don’t be intimidated by the line – it moves quickly. For the shortest wait times stop by the restaurant before 11:00 or right around 2:00.

Be Our Guest Beasts Castle

Be Our Guest is located inside of Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast. The line forms inside in a hallway lined with enchanted suits of armor – make sure to listen to them! Here you’ll have an opportunity to check out the menu (via screens complete with pictures) while you are in line. Your next stop is a room full of kiosks where you’ll be directed to place your order and receive a “magic” rose. Your order is loaded and synced up with your rose. This is what tells the staff where to deliver your meal. Once you pay for the food you are off to find a seat.

Be Our Guest Ordering

There are three rooms to choose from – The West Wing, the Main Ballroom or the Rose Gallery. There are surprises in each room that I won’t spoil for you so make sure you take some time to walk around and check each room out.

Be Our Guest Ballroom

Food is delivered right to your table (remember that magical rose you were given when you placed your order?). While this is technically a quick service restaurant it feels much more upscale. Menu choices include soups for appetizers and braised pork, fish, quiche, sandwiches and salads for entrees.

Be Our Guest Entree

The best part of the meal is dessert. A tray is wheeled to your table and your pre-ordered desserts are served to you. Choices include several varieties of gourmet crème puffs and cupcakes.

Be Our Guest at A Unique Counter Service Experience

Be Our Guest utilizes one quick service entitlement from the Disney dining plans and, again, no reservations are needed or taken here so come and enjoy!

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