Not So Picture Perfect

I love social media. Really, I do! But, the truth of the matter is that you rarely see anyone post a less than flattering picture of themselves on social media. What you do see is a whole lot of perfectly altered vacation photos: photos of smiling families in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, photos of smiling children on Dumbo or riding it’s a small world!, cool looking fathers carrying kids on their shoulders and oohing and ahing over the fireworks. So what happens when you arrive at Walt Disney World and find construction happening all over the Magic Kingdom? How can you rearrange your expectations when there’s a giant crane behind the castle that shows up in every one of your pictures? What happens when there’s a giant tarp covering the Emporium you love so much? You always take a picture in front of the Emporium and your tradition is ruined now. How do you handle that? What do you do when your children are not cooperating? They are whining and fussing and refusing to smile for pictures. What do you do when you’ve saved for this Walt Disney World dream vacation for years and you arrive to find 100 degree plus heat and 100% humidity? You’re melting in the sultry climate and you’re dripping wet in all the pictures. What if it rains during your trip and all the attractions are closed due to inclement weather? These are all signs of a Less Than Picture Perfect Disney Vacation. But, don’t worry! There are some strategies you can employ to combat these flawed situations.

  1. Laugh! Instead of stressing out because you think your perfect vacation is ruined, find something to laugh at. It could be the funny show you just saw. It could be the roller coaster you just rode. It could be your child throwing a tantrum. It could be the encounter with a Stormtrooper wandering the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Whatever it is, find something to laugh at and it could just be what you need to turn a downer of a day into a day to treasure. After all, traveling to Walt Disney World is all about making memories- especially with family. There is plenty to make you laugh at Walt Disney World. Just remember when things aren’t going your way, laughter is the best medicine. LIttle bit hot
  2. Plan your next trip to Walt Disney World! Strange as this might seem, it’s a great strategy. If you’re struggling with the Florida heat, consider planning your next trip in a cooler part of the year. Christmas is a magical time at Walt Disney World. January can be much less crowded and cooler, too.   If this is your first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, only your kids didn’t get the memo, perhaps you need to plan an extra day or two for next time so you can go at a slower pace for them or take more breaks. And if you are traveling with fussy children and dreaming of taking advantage of the joys of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival without them, why not plan your next trip as an adults only Walt Disney World Vacation?
  3. Photoshop! If the construction at the park has a giant crane behind the castle and it shows up in all your pictures, try your hand at a new photo altering program and see if you can erase the crane from some of your pictures before you post them on social media. Or rely on Disney’s Photopass Photographers to magically enhance your photos with Tinkerbell or other Disney Characters. That will surely put a smile on your face even if your kids aren’t smiling in the pictures! I always recommend purchasing Memory Maker for the advance purchase price of $149. It must be purchased at least 3 days before your Walt Disney World trip begins to get the discount. With that purchase, you’ll receive ALL of the pictures the Photopass Photographers take of you and your family during your stay at WDW and you can even view and post them from your My Disney Experience app on your phone while you’re in the parks. When life gives you lemons, let technology help you make the lemonade!

So, when you see your Facebook friends posting perfect looking pictures at Walt Disney World, don’t despair! No trip is without a hitch. Your pictures may look a little different than theirs, but relax and enjoy the experience, no matter what your result is!

When you’re ready to plan your first or fifth trip to Walt Disney World, contact me by email at or by phone at 1-800-670-4312 x 147. I’ll be glad to help you book and plan for your Picture Perfect Disney Vacation!


Castle with Crane