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There are so many reasons why to choose a cruise for your next vacation!   One of the top reasons to take a cruise is the incredible value they offer to your vacation since the initial cost of your cruise includes almost everything you will need from mouth-watering dining, accommodations, entertainment, and not to mention the opportunity to explore unknown places. Most cruises run for $100 per person or less per day, which is much cheaper than if you were to plan a vacation on land you would have to rent a hotel room, pay for daily meals, and entertainment.   The overall cost would be so much more! Many cruise lines offer special promos that may include no charge for kids, beverage packages, specialty dining upgrades, shore excursions, and onboard credit!

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On a cruise, another benefit is you get the opportunity to stop and see multiple destinations without any extra expenses. Plus, you won’t have to keep unpacking and repacking your luggage, spend hours in a car or even having to rent a car, your traveling will be done on water and mostly while you are asleep. Nothing beats waking up to a new port and a new place to explore. Another perk about going on a cruise vacation is cruise ships come in all assorted sizes and can hold a small group to thousands of guests. You can go on a specialty cruises such as singles only cruise, cruise with your favorite bands like New Kids on the Block or Pitbull for example, or even host a work conference or family reunion can be held on a cruise ship.

Family Fun Activities on a Cruise

Another reason to take a cruise is they are family friendly. From small children to senior’s cruising is fun for the entire family! Many cruise lines offer specialty kid and teen type clubs that provide all kinds of fun activities sure to entertain kids of all ages for hours.   From arts and crafts, video games, end of cruise show, and scavenger hunts. The teen club usually has a nice selection of games from board games, arcades, and video games. Family friendly areas are found throughout cruise ships. From the family pool area with fun water activities from water playgrounds to water slides. And for when adults want to be kid-free there is adult only pools and adult only activities they can enjoy. Parents can even sneak away and enjoy a private dinner if they wanted to. Also, many cruise lines offer family fun activities that everyone can enjoy from movies by the pool, basketball tournaments, and even dance offs.

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Cruise ships allow you to be the director of your vacation without the headache of doing the research and planning. If you are looking to relax and unwind, then maybe a spa treatment would be for you or finding a quiet sitting area to read a book while enjoying fresh air. If you are a busy mom and wanting to get away and not have to cook or clean then a cruise would be your dream come true with food options for even the pickiest eater and having a personal crew member assigned to tidy and clean your room several times a day! If you do have to work while on vacation most cruise ships have Wi-Fi for purchase in room or quiet desk areas you can purchase Wi-Fi minute packages. There really is something for everyone, every age, and everything you can think of to make a cruise your dream vacation!

Cruise Lines thrive on keeping everyone happy and want you to keep booking cruises and come back again and again. From the minute, you step foot on the ship you are greeted with friendly hello’s and smiles and can usually go straight to the food and enjoy an all-you-can- eat lunch while your luggage and room are getting ready. Cruise Line staff are usually found any and everywhere on the ship and are ready to assist you any way they can.

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There are so many reasons you should take a cruise!!   Cruise vacations are truly the best vacations to take, not only for their value, entertainment, accommodations, but for the unforgettable memories you will make! Contact me today to book your cruise at