Walk with Walt Disney

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Walt Disney? Or what it was like when Walt Disney first dreamed the impossible dream of created an amazing Theme Park? Or have you ever wanted a chance to hear actually conversations and play backs from Walt Disney himself?? Then the Disneyland, Walk in Walt’s Disney Footsteps guided tour is for you!

guide for the tour

Walt's apartment

Fire Station

Be prepared to go back in time and recreate the Magical journey Walt Disney took to make all his dreams become a reality. You will learn how Walt first envisioned creating a theme park we now know as Disneyland. You will learn all about the ups and down Walt faced trying to make his dream become a reality. As it wasn’t always an easy road, but Walt with the help of his supportive wife and brother never let anyone or anything keep him from accomplishing all he ever could imagine and more. You will get the chance to see parts of Disneyland that is not available to just any guest. It is a great opportunity to truly become Walt Disney for a few hours! You will also get the opportunity to experience attractions that were important to Walt Disney personally, not to mention getting the perk of being able to go straight to the front of the line. You will get the chance to learn about one of Walt Disney’s greatest loves, trains!

Christmas decorations on the castle

Water front

Haunted Mansion

On this unforgettable tour you will learn what is was like on the infamous date of July 17, 1955, where Walt Disney’s dream for a place where everyone could feel young no matter you age and is the date where Disneyland Theme Park first opened. Disneyland is also the only Theme Park that Walt Disney personally experienced! You will learn about everything that Walt Disney loved and why. Another perk of booking this amazing and magical tour is lunch or dinner (depending on the time of day), is included. You get to pick from a tasty menu of items and treats provided by the Jolly Holiday Bakery. This is usually provided at the tour in an area saved and labeled in your name at this restaurant. Walk in Walt’s Footsteps is a walking guided tour so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You will get a personal listening device where you wear as a necklace and it has an ear piece allowing you to pick the volume level of your choice. If you are ready to become Walt Disney in the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps guided tour contact me to help you plan your Magical vacation at Carrie@travelwiththemagic.com.

Walt loved trains