The Disney resorts are renowned for their attention to detail and ability to incorporate magic into every nook and cranny imaginable. Disney has added interactive queues to keep guests entertained on some rides in Disney World, but there are some secret extras in Disneyland that only the adventures know about. Check out the bonuses in the Disneyland Park just waiting to be explored!

Here’s an easy one: touch the golden apple near the entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventures to hear a mysterious, disembodied laugh. Could it be the evil queen?

Golden Apple

There are lots of hidden extras in the queue for Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye. A good rule of thumb is to touch, pull, or wiggle anything with a sign saying not to touch!

Indiana Jones

Here is one freebie: in the room with spikes in the ceilings, there is one large piece of bamboo to the left that’s a little bigger and closer to the queue than the others. Give it a wiggle and see if you can make something happen!

Indiana Jones Interior

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters features an on-camera photo. I know what you’re thinking – those photos are always so overpriced that you never want to buy one as a souvenir even if it is a great photo, right? Wrong! After you exit the ride but before you hit the gift shop, check out the kiosks to e-mail yourself your on-ride photo absolutely free! It even comes to you from Buzz Lightyear’s e-mail address.


There are magical extras in every area of the park. From the gravestones in the Haunted Mansion to the doors in line at Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin in Toon Town, there is something to explore everywhere you go. See how many you can uncover during your next visit!

These are just some of the many hidden extras in Disneyland Park to make your vacation even more special. Want to know more? Email me at Sydney@TravelWithTheMagic.com for more bonuses and a free no-obligation vacation quote. I hope to talk to you real soon!