My family sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas in July 2013.  At the time my kids were 11 and 12. Before we sailed I pre-registered them in the kids club online at Royal Caribbean’s website. My daughter Amanda has autism and I was able to list her special needs online. Amanda was in the Voyagers group ages 9-11. My son Hunter was in the pre-teen group ages12-14.

The kids programs is broken down into groups by ages: Infants to 2 years, Aquanauts 3-5, Explorers 6-8, Voyagers 9-11, and then the teen group. Each group has daily activities planned. The kids club is typically opened from 7am to 10pm with a 2 hours closure midday to clean. They do offer after hours from 10:00pm to 2:00am for an hourly fee.

Each day you get a kids planner that list all the activities for the day. Activities include everything from scavenger hunts, adventure science labs, art projects, games, and much more!


The Kids club is located on deck 14 and has different areas. It has a movie theater, an Imagination Studio, a scrap booking room, an open gym for toddlers, the lab, and then each group has their own rooms.

ima studio

kids movie theater

My Kids loved the program. The staff does a great job at making the kids feel welcome. They also were great with my daughter’s special needs and helped her to fit in with the group. My son was in the teen group and he really enjoyed it. They do have plenty of activities for teens. The teens have their own area that is set up like a lounge. They have video games, a smoothie bar, dance floor, and couches to hang out. It is located next to the sports deck. Both of my kids had a blast in the kid’s club!

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