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This past October I had the opportunity to partake in wine tastings at 2 different wineries in Napa Valley with my sister during our girls’ getaway weekend – Kelham Vineyards and Vine Cliff Vineyards. We had a wonderful experience at both vineyards. Even though it was just after the harvest season, and most of the grapes were picked, we thoroughly enjoyed walking through the fields of grapevines. There were still some grapes left hanging on the vines, so of course we had to sample them. The grapes were so tiny and so sweet. It was hard to believe that these tiny grapes produced some amazing wines.


kelham field

We spent our first tasting experience at Kelham Vineyards. Now, please know that I am not a wine drinker. In fact, I hardly ever drink anything other than Diet Coke. However, I was so excited with the opportunity to see some vineyards, because, I was really interested in the wine making process. Our visit to Kelham Vineyards was very relaxing. It was the end of a Saturday afternoon and we had just spent a few days of touring San Francisco. There was a slight mix up on the details of our tour. It was more of a self guided tour. So we didn’t get a guide to explain the wine production like we had planned. So my sister and I spent time walking through the fields of grapevines and exploring the property. During our tasting, we were offered a wonderful place to sit on their patio while we sampled 6 different wines, some champagne, and a port. Now coming from someone who doesn’t drink wine at all, it was all wonderful. The setting couldn’t have been more peaceful.

barn - kelham

patio - kelham

On Sunday, we were looking for a little something to do that afternoon. We went to visit the concierge at our resort, and explained that we enjoyed the Kelham vineyard, but we were disappointed that we didn’t get the tour we were hoping for. So they made a few calls for us and arranged a private tour at Vine Cliffs Vineyard.

field - vine cliff

When we arrived at Vine Cliffs, we were greeted by our guide with more wine to sample as we were led on a private tour through the vineyard. Our guide was amazing at sharing with us the history of the vineyard. She took us through the entire process – from the planting of the various grapes to the harvesting methods and onto the crush pads where the produce and fermentation takes place. From there she took us into the caves where the wine is stored and aged. After that, my sister and I partook in another tasting. I actually enjoyed this wine even more and even brought a bottle home for my husband. How could I possibly come home from Napa Valley with no bottles for my husband?!

cave - vine cliff

cave with barrells - vine cliff

tasting room - vine cliff

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Napa Valley. The area was absolutely beautiful. Even though I am not a connoisseur of wine, this was an experience that I can’t wait to share with my husband. We are already looking at our calendars trying to figure out when we go in 2014!

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