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Like most people planning a Disney vacation, I did a lot of online research. As I did, I came across an interesting topic and soon found myself TOTALLY obsessed with partaking in this unique, Disney Cruise Line exclusive tradition—Stateroom door magnets!

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Sounds like much ado about nothing, doesn’t it? Trust me, the art of decorating one’s stateroom door aboard a Disney cruise ship is a big deal to those in the know. It helps build trip anticipation long before you actually set sail. This practice also has the perfunctory purpose of making your door easier to spot in a long corridor after a long day sunning on the beaches of Castaway Cay. Most of all, it’s just fun to customize your home away from home in a way other cruisers can enjoy as well!

Because, magnets can easily be taken by sticky-fingered toddlers or veracious Disney collectors as they hang on your door, most cruisers who “magnet” have taken to creating customized, crafted magnets with their names or other specific details on them. The result is absolutely entertaining and worth taking time to stroll around and take in!

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Many people add magnetic dry erase boards to leave other party members messages but often passers-by are the ones leaving the messages about your personal magnet swagger. You’ll find comments and little drawings—it’s a really unique way to engage in the culture of your particular cruise.

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Just outside each stateroom, there is a fish shaped hook that is meant to serve a decorative purpose as well as a message center for important communications—a mailbox of sorts. Some cruisers use them to hang Fish Extenders that hold pockets for each person in that stateroom. People get very creative with these extenders and leave little trinkets for their fellow, equally generous cruisers.

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Some cruisers purchase Disney themed magnets for their doors but most make their magnets out of all sorts of things. Photos are converted to magnets by attaching adhesive magnetic sheets to the back and trimming around the image. Some cruisers make garlands and only attach adhesive magnets to each end. There is a huge supply of magnetic supplies at your local craft store so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Even Pepe the King Prawn from the Mid-Ship Detective Agency decorates his very own Muppet-sized stateroom door when he’s on the Fantasy! This is a popular photo opportunity spot and one of many stops for the adventurous detectives as they attempt to solve the mystery!

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Customizing doors gives cruisers an opportunity to express themselves and the personality of their vacation to other cruisers. Honeymooners tell passers-by of their news and people can celebrate with them! First time cruisers open themselves up for advice from Castaway Club members with more experience.

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It starts conversations, it ignites anticipation and it creates unique mementos from your cruise that you can hang anywhere when you return—reminding you of all the fun you had while aboard your floating home away from home.

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