My Conversations with the Characters

Character meet and greets are a main attraction at Disney, and I love them! I have my favorites that I go see every year! I have so much fun with them by just holding simple conversations, and here is my secret tip on how you can have memorable interactions, too!

Be Creative!

The Characters are more than willing to talk, you just need to provide a topic! I try to find something that is personal to me but that can also relate to the character. Being creative helps them interact since they see so many people throughout the day!


In this picture, we are talking about shoes. I am wearing the Cinderella NewBalance shoes. We talked about how it would be neat to have a Jasmine shoe and that it would need to be aqua and purple! And Aladdin was in on the conversation, too! His favorite color is purple just like mine, so he was happy with my color choices for Jasmine’s NewBalance design!


New Orleans was an easy topic to talk about with Princess Tiana. I talked about my favorite places, mosquitoes and the heat. She told me that she was pretty sure Louis was a neighbor of mine since he lived just outside New Orleans, too!


Merida and I love to exchange bad hair day stories. In this picture I had just told her that I had hair just like hers but I had a magic potion to tame it! She was amazed and wanted some of that magic! We’ve talked about how she didn’t get her mom’s hair, and I lamented with her because neither did I!


Alice and I usually have a conversation about tea; and since I am always wearing a hat, I ask if she thinks the Mad Hatter would approve. I love to wish her A Very Merry UnBirthday, too!


In this conversation with Aladdin in Epcot, I asked if he had seen Princess Leia that I was looking for her. He said that he was not sure what she looked like, but we could take a ride on the Magic Carpet and look for her! I was in for that!


Oh then there is Gaston! Dear me this guy is something else! We talked about how Belle wasn’t good enough for him and that he really needed to find someone else. He let me feel his muscles, too. And yes, those are the real deal!

And, just because your favorite Disney Character can’t talk to you, doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to them!


In this picture, I told Mickey that he looked so Dapper! And he promptly started dancing with me and twirling me around!


And always talk about Minnie’s outfits! She a girl with an amazing wardrobe, and she needs to know how cute she looks! Give her a compliment about her dress or her hat! She will love you for it, too!


And Minnie has a playful side, too! When she grabbed Jon and gave him a kiss, I said, “Minnie, what about Mickey!” And her was response was her ring finger… there wasn’t anything on it!

And then there is My Favorite Character Donald!


I always tell him he’s my favorite, and he always acts surprised. I usually get a great big kiss, too, before I leave!


Character Experiences are so much fun! It’s up to you though to make them stand out so that your experience is unique and one you will remember for a lifetime!

I know all the secret places to find your favorite Characters! Contact me and we’ll build a vacation to remember!