Disney recently released new MagicBands and there are a lot of changes! Magic Bands were Disney’s form of wearable technology: a small electronic device that is worn on the body and performs a data exchange with other devices. MagicBands opened up the world of keyless entry: no more fumbling for the Disney Room Card to open the door or the scrambling to find the Ticket to gain your fast pass! It could all be done with a swish of your wrist!

As with all technology, it was time for a refresh to the MagicBands!   Even though there are changes, don’t worry; I’ve broken it all down for you to make the switch to your new MagicBand 2 easy!


Delivery of the MagicBand 2 to your home has been upgraded!


The box is smaller, lighter and more compact!

In the Box

Inside the box, are your MagicBands, Luggage Tags, and Product Information.

In the Left Pocket, you will find your Luggage Tags, and inside the gray tube holding the Magic Bands will be your Luggage Tag Straps.


In the Right Pocket, You will find helpful product information on RFID technology and using MagicBands with medical devices.



In addition to fun add ons like Bandits, you now have MagicKeepers! MagicKeepers take the Chip from the Band and make it more portable so that you can connect it to your backpack, clothing, belt, or purse!


MagicKeepers are a really cool accessory, but there are a few tips to using them:


  1. Magic Keepers include a screw driver and 2 extra tiny screws. ** Be careful when opening so you don’t lose the screws!
  2. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the oval band from the back of the MagicBand.
  3. Pop Out the Sensor
  4. Pop Out the oval band from the back of the Magic Keeper
  5. Place the Sensor in the Magic Keeper and Screw In Tightly
  6. Enjoy your new Accessory!

Helpful Hints:

-If you leave your Magic Bands at home, let the Cast Members know when you check in. They will be glad to supply you with gray bands at no cost.

-You can purchase your Magic Band Accessories in your resort and throughout the parks.

-The Magic Bands are still resizable for your Prince or Princess!

Ready to try the new MagicBand 2 for yourself? Then contact me for your Disney Vacation Planning!