Universal Studios

The first thing you must do when you arrive to Universal Studios Hollywood is to walk the red carpet you not only get to feel like a movie star, but can also be a great photo opportunity to capture this one in a lifetime moment. Then head over to the lower lot area where they have the most popular rides such as Transformers where you will experience 3D special effects along with physical moving effects, the infamous Mummy riding which has surprises all throughout this captivating ride , and Jurassic Park which features life-like dinosaurs and an 83 foot waterfall drop.

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Universal tram tour

Another must do when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood is to ride on the tram. It is about a 60 minute tour that gives you a back ground look at how movies are made, how movie producers use back drops, props, and even a green screen. You may even get a glimpse of one of your favorite movie stars during this tour. Or you may even be one of the lucky ones and get to experience a remake of a scene from the scary movie The Bates Motel or Jaws and become part of the skit. You may even get to experience life of Wisteria lane from the long running show the Desperate Housewives. One of the best things about taking the tram tour is you get a up close preview of many new movie coming out soon, King Kong 360 3D it is a brand new way to experience a tram ride and you will absolutely walk away speechless!

Universal Tram 2

WaterWorld is one of the best live shows ever made!! It is filled with action, suspense, crowd participation, and it is all performed on a body of water. There is something going on almost every direction you look from fire, jet skis, boats, and so much more! The show performers are real-life actors which only add to the excitement of this spectacular show. They truly bring this motion picture to life.

Water World Show

After riding all the fun rides you must try Krusty Burger they have the best tasting hamburgers called the Krusty burger and pulled ribwich sandwich both also come with out of this world mini waffle shaped French fries. You must also order one of their world famous chocolate shakes.

universal Krusty burger

Universal Studios has an easy to use web address USHWaitTimes.com you can log into to check line wait times and you can also go to this web address to see which one of your characters will be at the park that day to meet and at what time.

Universal shops

There is so much to see, do, and experience at Universal Studios Hollywood for all ages. From action packed 3D rides, live shows, games, kids play areas called Funland and Dinoland, tram rides, and delicious food. There is also a great area called Universal CityWalk if you are looking for less expensive food options or in the mood for shopping. There is also so much to learn while visiting this theme park that is almost feels like a learning experience held outside of a classroom. It would make a wonderful vacation choice for anyone interested in learning more about movies and how they are made. I would love to help you plan your vacation to Universal Studios Hollywood feel free to contact me for a free quote at Carrie@travelwiththemagic.com.

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