I was fortunate to visit the island of St. Kitts during our summer cruise. St. Kitts is an island in the West Indies. The West side of the island is on the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern side of the island is on the Atlantic Ocean. The island is part of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

st kitts

The Island is full of tropical beauty. The island has lush rainforests, waterfalls, a dormant volcano (Mount Liamuiga), white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and tropical wildlife.


Port at st. kitts



Our cruise offered a variety of shore excursions from jeep tours of the island, rainforest tours, sugar mill tours, snorkeling, sailing, and numerous water sports. We did not book an excursion through the cruise line. The ship docked at Basseterre. We walked and shopped through the Basseterre Marketplace. Here you will find local island souvenirs. After strolling through the marketplace we meet a local taxi driver and told him we wanted to go snorkeling. We agreed upon a set price to take us on a tour of the island then to a snorkeling spot. We really lucked out with Michael, our taxi driver. He was so knowledgeable and gave us a very informative guided tour. On our tour we saw tropical plants, tropical birds, butterflies, and the vervet monkeys. On the island of St. Kitts there are more monkeys than people. After our tour Michael took us to South Frigate Bay on the Caribbean ocean side of the island. This is a top snorkeling spot on the island. A short swim off the beach is a large coral reef which made for awesome snorkeling. We spent the rest of the day snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. There was a bar right on the beach that we purchased drinks and snacks at. We had such a wonderful day in St. Kitts and we can’t wait to go back! Whether you visit St. Kitts on a cruise or a resort stay I highly recommend this island as a must do!

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