Hollywood Studios is always on my to do list! And Tatoine Traders is my place to stop and shop for Star Wars Gear! However, if you aren’t planning to go to the parks, you just ran out of time, or the park was too crowded, there’s another place to find all your Star Wars fan favorites – Disney Springs!

Disney Springs has 6 great shops to find that unique souvenir for your Star Wars Fan!

The West Side

  1. Star Wars Galactic Outpost


The Star Wars Galactic Output is located on the West Side of Disney Springs. This is your premiere place in Disney Springs to find Star Wars Art, Collectibles, Clothing and Toys. Any of the trending characters and movies will be prominent here.

This is also a great place to build your Lightsaber!


The Landing

  1. The Ganachery


Nestled between the Sound Lion electronics store and Sanuk shoes is The Gacachery. This is an indulgent chocolate and ganache shop with handmade creations to take back home. Here you will find exquisite dark and milk chocolate Star Wars Bars – just right for any fan!


The Marketplace

The Marketplace area of Disney Springs hosts the most places to find your Star Wars Fix!

  1. The Lego Store


Here you will find a vast array of the latest Lego Sets and Lego Mini People and Key Chains to add to you Lego Star Wars Collection!

  1. World of Disney


The World of Disney hosts a wide variety of clothing, suitcases, purses, books and my favorite – the Droid Factory!

  1. Once Upon a Toy


This fanciful toy store has numerous build-your-own toy stations including another place to grab that sought after Light Saber as well as my favorite a Mr. Potato Head station. Here you can build your own version of Darth Tater!


  1. Goofy’s Candy Company

Goofy’s Candy Company is known for satisfying your sweet tooth with create your own treats and a variety of classic treats to choose from. Mixed in among the many choices in this shop are Star Wars sugar cookies and rice treats!


Be sure and check out Disney Springs! It has so much to offer – even for the Star Wars Fan! And looking for more ways to enjoy Star Wars at Disney?

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