We all have gadgets that we take to Walt Disney World like our smartphones, tablets, video cameras, game stations, and fitness trackers! Our smartphones alone consume a lot of juice during the day with location services, My Disney Experience, pictures and videos. It is easy to find that half way through the day you are on red. With a family full of electronic consumers, I have a plan for staying charged while at Walt Disney World:

1. Bring a surge protector


Have you noticed that the wall outlets are all over your resort room? And there never seems to be enough! My solution? Bring a surge protector with you. It not only provides a power base in one spot for your family but also a surge protection station for your important equipment. I carry a small one when I travel alone, and a larger one for family adventures.

2. External Battery Pack


For those mid-day and mid-afternoon power dips, an external battery pack comes in very handy. They range in size from a small as lipstick tube to as big as a paperback book. These devices are rated in milliamp hours (mAh): basically, the larger the number the more time you will have for power. The smaller, more compact devices will provide a portion of the power you might need, and are great for topping off when you get to the half-way mark. A larger device will carry more mAhs and can fully charge your phone. You can even find some devices that will charge more than one phone at a time. Be aware that power comes with a cost, and you will pay more for the heftier device.

3. Guest Relations in All WDW Parks.

Guest Relations, usually near the entrance, will gladly charge your device for you. You will need to have your own power cord and some trust leaving your valuable resource. I would use this as an emergency choice.

4. The Magic Kingdom Charging Stations


Currently, the Magic Kingdom is the only park with designated charging stations. You can find these in the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company or Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café Fantasyland entrance. The lockers are free but require a credit card to use: your card isn’t charged; it is just used as your personal key.


On a touch screen, choose from legacy iPhone, USB, or Apple Lightning connectors; connect your phone and close the door; a light on the door will turn green when the device is fully charged. To open the door again, you must swipe your credit card. Lockers are only big enough for one phone, devices like an iPad will not fit.


In the back of the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company, there is an open power strip for public use. I wouldn’t leave anything unattended; a family member should watch equipment while being charged.

It’s always good to know your options for charging your phone; and staying charged at Disney is essential if you want to capture all those magical moments!

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