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Everything You Need to Know about Tapu Tapu


Volcano Bay is a mysterious Island at Universal with many adventures just waiting for you! Your Key to all the fun is your Tapu Tapu! What is a Tapu Tapu? Tapu Tapu is a wearable interactive band much like your fitness band. Once you scan your ticket at the park entrance, you will be given your Tapu Tapu. TIP: Be sure and ask for the Rubber Band, because playing in the water and sliding down slides may cause the band [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Tapu Tapu2017-06-23T08:37:07-04:00

Tips for Getting the Most out of Volcano Bay


Volcano Bay is an amazing water park – in fact it is probably the best water park! You can spend an entire day enjoying this attraction, and here is how to get the most out of your stay! Book Seating Chairs and umbrellas are first come-first served in the beach areas of the park. Your best bet is to reserve Premium Seating or Cabanas. Premium Seating comes with 2 padded loungers, a locker, cover and a personal server all day! [...]

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Magical Memories; Digging up Bones


Back in the side corner of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there lays a little world that takes you back in time to the days of the dinosaurs – DINOLAND USA! As you enter Dinoland, you will walk under the bridge of a huge brontosaurus skeleton. Once you’ve gone under this beast, you will see the entrance to the Boneyard on your left – you are going to want to turn here and hang out for a while. The Boneyard is an [...]

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