When you’re choosing a Disney Resort Hotel for your family, there are so many choices, it can be a little overwhelming! It can be difficult to narrow them down, so I want to give you some information that will help you. Here are three things you should consider about Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-Riverside:


The first thing to know is the Atmosphere of the Resort:

At the end of a long day in the Disney Theme Parks, it’s likely that the whole family will be exhausted and over-stimulated. The parks are fabulous fun, but you’ll encounter crowds and bright colors and lights and smells and loud sounds all day. There’s nothing nicer than “coming home” to this resort at the end of the day.


The whole resort feels calm and quiet. The buildings are spread out, and you’ll rarely even encounter other people on your stretch of sidewalk. You’ll find squirrels, birds, and the occasional bunny as you walk along the river here.


The Second thing to consider is the Activities Available at the Resort:

If you’d like to take a Day Off from the theme parks while you’re on vacation (Which I highly recommend!), you’ll find plenty for your family to do here.

You can take a horse-drawn carriage ride

horse-drawn carriage

Or rent a surrey bike, and ride around the river

surrey bike

The kids will enjoy the playground


And the hammocks that are provided all around the resort


You can even go (catch and release) fishing!


There’s also an arcade, and multiple swimming pools (One of them has a water slide, too!)

My kids even had a great time on our arrival and departure days, just playing bean bag toss and hula hoops at the resort entrance. Port Orleans really does a great job of finding ways to entertain the kids.


The Last Thing to know is the types of Rooms available here:

The rooms here are the same size and layout as at the other Disney Moderate Resorts, Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs. However, Port Orleans Resort-Riverside has two different “sections” with two very different “feels”.

In Alligator Bayou, the buildings are designed to look a bit like backwoods cottages, and the landscaping includes mossy trees and plants that thrive in the wetlands.

In Magnolia Bend, the buildings look more plantation-style, with manicured lawns and beautiful fountains.

And if you have a Princess in your family, you should reserve one of the resort’s Royal Rooms – They are near the food court and transportation, and are themed as Tiana’s Princess rooms. There are little special touches from all her princess friends, and it’s like a scavenger hunt to find them all! (It’s fun for the boys in the family, too)


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