Planning a trip to Disney World can seem never ending and very overwhelming, but planning is a very important part of enjoying your vacation or it may turn out to be miserable instead of magical. I’ve compiled this list of the most common mistakes people make when planning and visiting Disney World.

8 Mistakes to avoid

1. Not Staying On Property – There are many perks to staying on property that play a vital role in planning the perfect vacation. The most important one is being able to make dining reservations at 180 + 10 days. This means you’re able to make dining reservations for your entire vacation (unless it’s over 10 days long) 180 days prior to check-in versus those staying off property have to make them a day at a time. I’ve written a separate blog that goes into more detail and explaining the benefits to staying on property and it can be read by clicking here.

2. Booking a Trip that’s Too Short – If you can work it into your budget, plan to stay an extra night longer that you originally thought. Disney is HUGE and everything takes longer than you think so an extra day to enjoy your resorts pool, Downtown Disney or to see those last few attractions that you missed earlier in the week will pay off. Plus know that when it comes to Disney tickets the longer your stay the cheaper they get and typically once you buy a 4 day ticket when it comes to adding days it’s only about $10 per person per day.

3. Not Planning In Advance – Like I said earlier dining reservations can be made 180 days prior to check-in so planning your vacation at least 7 months in advance will save yourself many headaches.

4. Check for Discounts – Did you know that if you book your vacation in advance at full price and Disney offers a discount you can call to have it applied to your existing reservation? They will not notify you that there is a cheaper price and it may require you to sit on hold for hours (that’s why you use an agent like me, but more on this below) but it will save you money!

5. Not Doing a Disney Dining Plan – Many people don’t understand that these can be used almost anywhere on property and save you money in the long run. If you are planning a lot of sit down or character meals then the Plus Dining Plan is most definitely the way to go or if you just want to do quick service meals then consider the Quick Service Plan. If your family is made up of big eaters then you’’ want the Deluxe Plan.

6. Not Having a Plan – Disney is not somewhere you go and fly by the seat of your pants unless you are a seasoned visitor. In the age of Disney’s new My Magic+ technology there is a lot of pre-planning that is involved before you arrive on property. Having a plan and knowing what parks you want to visit and attractions you want to see prior to arriving is key to making the most of your time.

7. Not Utilizing Fastpass+ – Part of the new My Magic+ is being able to make Fastpass+ selections 60 days prior to check-in (for resort guests) and this is a big advantage for the big attractions like meet and greets with Anna & Elsa, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Toy Story Mania. So knowing what attractions you want to want to visit prior to your Fastpass+ selection window opening is key.

8. Not Using an Experienced Travel Agent – This is the BIGGEST key to having a successful and smooth vacation. Everything I have mentioned above we will take care of for you and for FREE!! Yes will make your dining reservations, help with My Magic+, Fastpass+ selections and do personalized itineraries. My goal is to make your trip effortless so that all you need to do is show up and have fun! The reason I say my services are free is my pricing is exactly the same as booking directly with Disney and I’ll take care of everything for you!

So if you’re ready to plan a vacation to Disney or beyond, let’s get started. Think of me as your personal Disney concierge! Don’t want to visit a Disney property, that’s ok I can send you just about anywhere else you want to go! Contact me today via Facebook, Pinterest, email or phone at 1-800-670-4312 Extension 144 to get started planning today or click here to request a quote.

As always I hope to hear from you real soon!

Courtney Burnside