Treats At Goofy's Candy Co

Located in Disney Springs is a wacky and colorful sweet shop called Goofy’s Candy Co. If you’ve never heard of it, you should definitely give it a try! Here at Goofy’s Candy Co. you’ll be able to find different kinds of Mickey shaped treats that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere in the parks! Let’s take a look at some of the unique sweets that can be found here!

Goofy's Master Degree

Candy Apples

As you can see above, Goofy has a Masters degree in Candy making that is proudly displayed in the building, so you’re only going to be able to find the BEST candy here at Goofy’s Candy Co. Let’s start out with the most famous and popular Disney treat sold here, the apples! Goofy’s Candy Co. offers a large variety of Apples. From Candy, to caramel, to character apples! Each are perfectly made by a talented Cast Member. Whatever flavor or type of apple you like, you’re sure to find it here!

Goofy's Candy Co Candy Case

Mickey and Minnie Rice Krispy Treat

Alongside of their apples are other unique, in shop, handmade treats you can select from! From marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries, rice krispy treats, cake pops, cupcakes and even cookies! But the master of all of these unique snacks, is none other than the massive Mickey and Minnie Mouse head shaped rice krispy treats! At $49.99 a pop, these treats could last you at least a week!

Belle Character Cookie

Besides the special, in case treats, you can also select from the massive shelves of prepackaged sweets! They have everything from bagged cotton candy, mints, gummy candies and even these Character cookies! Since Belle is my favorite Princess, I just had to have her. But there are big variety of characters you can choose from! Like Cinderella, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Lightning McQueen, Ariel, Jack Skellington, and even Mickey’s Sorcerers Hat!

Goofy's Build your Own Treat

Finally, the coolest, most unique candy option that is available at Goofy’s Candy Company is the Build your Own Treat! It’s super easy to do, and very fun for the little ones or young at heart! All you have to do is pick up a order form that is sitting on the counter, and fill out some information. Like, what treat you’d like, what sort of topping you’d like on it, etc. This allows you to not only create a one of a kind treat but also feel like you have a Masters degree of Candy Science like Goofy himself!

It doesn’t matter what sort of sweets and treats you prefer, you’ll be able to find something you love at Goofy’s Candy Co. As well as unique, one of a kind experiences like building your own magical Disney treat! What treat would you choose at Goofy’s Candy Co.?!

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