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Everyone has a Dream Trip in his or her imagination. Mine was a cruise to Alaska. My dream came true this summer and if it’s your Dream Trip, I can help you make your dreams come true, too!

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Alaska is such an amazing destination. The scenery is beautiful and the people are fascinating. The contrast of the snow-capped mountains with the sea was breath taking. We met people who spent only their summers in Alaska and people who lived there year round. They all shared their love of Alaska with us from their point of view. We saw tons of wildlife. We saw eagles, seals, whales, and lots of birds. I didn’t know so many eagles existed in the wild. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, Alaska is an excellent choice for you.

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Choosing Disney Cruise Line was an obvious choice for our family. We are huge Disney fans and love having the Disney Characters sprinkled through our vacation. We also appreciate the quality that Disney Cruise Line offers. From a customer service standpoint, there is no question in our minds that Disney Cruise Line is the best. We fell in love with our Dinner Server from the very first night. With Disney Cruise Line, you will experience Rotational Dining. That means that you will rotate restaurants between the restaurants onboard, but you will have the same servers every night. They become like part of the family by the end of the week. The shows are of Broadway quality and interactive. The ship’s crew is approachable and engaging. The room hosts are attentive to detail and also entertaining with all the towel animals they make and leave in your stateroom each evening. One thing we love about sailing with Disney is that there is very little that isn’t included in your price. Sodas are included while they’re not on many cruise lines. The extra costs you can expect on Disney Cruise Line are alcoholic beverages, bingo, excursions, and adults only restaurants. The rest is included.

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We were all teens or adults in our group, so we can vouch for the teen club being a blast and the after hours adult options being multiple and awesome. There were some nights when, as adults, we chose to sit in a quiet lounge with background music playing and there were some nights when we chose to close the dance floor since they were playing 80’s music- the soundtrack of our youth. We saw a hilarious juggler and tried to win every hand of Bingo! The teens in our group were usually the last people on the ship back to their staterooms after spending the early evening in the teen club dancing or playing games and then ending their night watching the 11pm movie in the Buena Vista Theater. Let me tell you, they play first run movies on Disney Ships. It’s great being the first ones to see Spiderman in 3D while onboard a Disney Sailing!

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The excursions you can choose while in Alaska on a Disney sailing are as numerous as the onboard entertainment. We went whale watching, ziplining, fishing, rode a steam train, and had a front row seat from our private verandah to view a gorgeous glacier. There were waterfalls, seals, and icebergs along the way. Again, Alaska is an outdoor paradise so if you love the great outdoors, this might be the Dream Vacation for you like it was for me.

If this sounds like the trip of a lifetime for you like it was for me, email me today! My email address is Jeri@TravelwiththeMagic.com. Whether you’d like to sail with Disney Cruise Line or another cruise line, I can help you get to Alaska!

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