If you’re anything like me then when you think of your Disney World vacation, you instantly start imagining all the different photo possibilities that you’re able to create while there! I tend to go a little extreme with photos, but because of this, I have found fun and very different from the usual spots for photos! And today I’m going to share them with you!




Lets start out in Magic Kingdom! Besides the obvious photo spot (Cinderella’s Castle, of course!) there are many other cute places and walls to grab a quick photo of your outfit, a treat or your family! The first spot, is in Tomorrowland and it’s an Instagram famous photo spot. It’s called “The Purple Wall”. The Purple Wall is spotted around the main entry to Tomorrowland off of Mainstreet. The next spot is located in Fantasyland and is a real splash. It’s the water fountain outside of Gaston’s Tavern! This cute little fountain is not only funny, featuring Gaston and Lefou, but also perfect for photos and quick spot to enjoy a snack. The last spot in the Magic Kingdom is a not as obvious spot. If you go to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Adventureland, off to the right hand side of the line is a little courtyard with Spanish flare!


Moving over to Epcot, away from Spaceship Earth, and over to the Journey of Imagination with Figment ride. After the ride is over, you’re let off into an Imagineworks play area, filled with activities to do. If you go over to the left hand side, there is a wall with purple and star projections. Stop by and take a goofy picture! It’s definitely a unique place to get your picture taken!


In Animal Kingdom, right near the Harambe Market, there’s a wall with this Mickey Mouse art on it with the words “Fichwa! Fellow”. Many people think this is Mickey Mouse giving them a little hello greeting, but that is not the case! Fichwa actually means “hidden”. Is this a little knock to all the hidden Mickey’s around Disney World or is there something else around this wall that we’re not seeing? Either way, it makes for a cute picture spot!


Hollywood Studios is full of Old Hollywood Glam, until you turn into the Star Wars area. Although that half of the park is currently a construction site, there are still great places to take pictures. My favorite is right outside of Tatooine Traders! After you leave the gift shop, and turn left to go down a sloped ramp, to the left hand side you will see this wall! It is the outside of the gift shop, but its doesn’t fall short of being a great picture area. Nothing like feeling like you’re on Tatooine!


Last but not least, Disney Springs. Although Disney Springs isn’t technically a Disney park, you will still find a lot of magic there! As well as great spots to take photos! Disney Springs is so great, we carve a whole day out of our vacations to spend there. The coolest photo spot I’ve found there is right outside of the Christmas shop and it is epic! It’s this Frozen themed Holiday wall! This mural is so amazing, I just had to take so many photos in front of it. I’m not sure if it’s because of how high def and life like it looks, or the vibrant blue color, but it looks amazing for a photo! It would be a great one to save and use for a Christmas card.

There you have it! There are some new and fun Photo spots you may not have known about around Walt Disney World! If you’re into taking photos as much as I am, make sure you have your eyes peeled. There are fun pictures to take at every turn at a Disney park!

My name is Brittany Hughes and I’m a vacation planner with Travel with the Magic. I specialize in Disney Vacations including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney and the Disney Cruise Line. Email me today with help planning and booking your vacation! brittany@travelwiththemagic.com