Just as Ezra met his trials at the Lothal Jedi Temple, so must you at the Mysterious Jedi Temple in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The Temple is a place where Jedi Masters take their young Padawans to determine if they are ready to become Jedi.


Jedi Training is for all Padawans ages 4 through 12 who want to test their skills in the Force under the watchful eye of a Jedi Master!

Head over to the stage by Star Tours and life-size AT-AT for the all excitement and action!


Your Padawans will arrive there with Jedi robes and light sabers and eager to learn!


The show begins as your child is instructed in the ways of force by practicing life-saving defense skills.


When the Jedi Master feels the Padawans are ready, it’s time to face the Temple… when suddenly, Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister appear!


You can see the excitement on everyone’s face as the Seventh Sister tries to intimidate the crowd and Padawans match up against her and Vader!


Will your child be able to defeat the dark side and survive the Trials of the Temple?…

May the Force Be With You!

The reimagined Jedi Training is updated with characters from Star Wars Rebels and a new stage show that really brings a new excitement to this attraction. If you want to be a part of this remarkable experience, follow these tips of the Force:

  1.  In order to begin your training you must sign up early!  The Trials fills up quickly, so as soon as you enter Hollywood Studios head over to the queue by the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost.


And please have your children with you.  The Cast Members will not sign up a child unless he or she is present!   If all the available spots are taken, ask to be on the alternate list!

Know you Fast Pass times and Meal Reservations in order to pick the best time for your children.

  1.  Make sure note the training time the Cast Members give you and arrive 30 minutes ahead of schedule.   You will return to the Outpost for Check In. If you don’t show up on time, a child from the waiting list will be substituted in your spot!


  1.  The viewing area around the stage is first-come-first-serve.  If possible, split up and send one adult to the meet up area with your child, and another to stand at the stage in your perfect viewing spot.
  1.  Everyone in the Academy will get a chance to display his or her skills!  During the busiest times of the year, additional Jedi and Sith Lords will be there to challenge your children.  You may even get the chance to meet Kylo Ren!
  1.  Don’t worry about missing a moment of the excitement because PhotoPass photographers are there to capture it for you!  These experts of Disney memories will hand you a special photopass card containing all their pictures from the show.


Hold on to this card, and head on over to the Darkroom on Hollywood Boulevard where a Cast Member will move these photos to your Memory Maker, or visit and enter the special Jedi Code on the back of the card to retrieve your photos.

  1.  Remember, this is an outdoor event and weather may cancel the Trials at any time since the safety of your children is the most important concern.
  1.  And Be sure to check the daily Entertainment Times Guide for performances the day of your visit.  Times and schedule are subject to change.

Becoming a Jedi Knight, is the opportunity of a lifetime!  Don’t let your family fall to the Dark Side… Let me help you plan your Jedi Adventure now!