SeaWorld All-Day Dining: Is It Worth It?


SeaWorld is a great addition to your Orlando-area vacation!  This park has a lot to offer whether you are there to learn more about animals, see shows, or experience some amazing thrill rides.  Our girls love marine life and both dream of being marine biologist.  We decided to take a weekend getaway to Orlando over Father’s Day weekend to celebrate our eldest’s 9th birthday!   There are several add-on options when booking your visit to SeaWorld.  I wanted to try [...]

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Top reasons why you shouldn’t wait on taking your preschooler to Disney!


Why, now more than ever, you should take your preschooler to Disney! Often times, I am told “I would love to go to Disney, it would just be too hard with our 2-year-old.”  Or “we want to go when they will remember it.”  I get it – I do.  When our oldest, Elizabeth, was 2, we thought about Disney but decided on a Disney Cruise instead.  There were of plethora of reasons why we chose a cruise over the most [...]

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Disneyland Refurbishment


Information and dates subject to change without notice. Last Updated June 21, 2019  

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Top Reasons to purchase a beverage package on Royal Caribbean


“Is the beverage package worth it?”  That is a question I am frequently asked by clients.  As a traveler, I never purchased one because I didn’t think it was worth the money and would not save me any money.  As a travel agent, I am willing to try everything once, so I can offer well-researched advice.  After booking our most recent cruise, and first on Royal Caribbean, it was time to research! Royal Caribbean offers several drink packages, although we [...]

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Savi’s Workshop


Savi’s Workshop is a little bit hard to find.  Since the Black Spire Outpost is under the protection of the First Order, the Resistance and Force sensitive beings have to remain hidden and out of sight.  The only way to find the shop is by looking for the Blue Lightsaber Banner outside the store.                                 Savi is very important to the Force, and was one [...]

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The Every Day Battuan: How to Live Like a Local in Batuu


Exploring a new destination, new world or new Galaxy and immersing yourself in the culture of its citizens is an immensely rewarding experience. But it can be even more rewarding if we take care to observe the customs of the places we visit. And visiting Batuu is no different:  the locals are essentially hosting you on their home Planet! Here are 5 pointers that I picked up on my recent travels to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of [...]

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My Practically Perfect Day at CocoCay


When I booked our anniversary trip on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Sea, I was thrilled beyond measure when it was announced that their newly renovated private island would be officially open!  CocoCay was established as Royal Caribbean’s private island but underwent a massive $250 million re-imagining to create the “perfect beach day” for everyone, no matter their desires.  I have sailed other cruise lines that offer a stop on their private island, but no other private island has set [...]

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