If you’ve visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom and bypassed Rafiki’s Planet Watch you’ve missed on out one of the most enriching parts of the park. Here you will find Conservation Station, a real live working conservation, education and rehabilitation center for animals.

Guests arrive at Conservation Station via the Wildlife Express Train located in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. Along the one mile train ride you will see some of the backstage area of Animal Kingdom including where some of the safari animals are housed. You’ll take this same train back when you are ready to return to Africa.

Conservation Station Train Station

As you get off the train you’ll walk through pathways with cast members located along the way. Here you’ll learn all about how you can attract and care for critters in your own back yard through bird feeders, plants and landscaping. There’s even information on “good” bugs that can keep your gardens free of harmful pests. Stop and chat and ask questions – these cast members are full of great information.

As you enter Conservation Station you’ll notice a very large building with many different areas and stations. Don’t miss the live animals. These will be brought out during the day and you can get up close and personal with all kinds of creatures.

Conservation Station Live Animal

Other areas here include:

Animal cams – you can watch the animals housed in the area via live webcams that you control

Veterinarian Treatment Area – if it fits through the door they can treat it here. This is where park animals come for routine exams and issues. Many times you can catch a check up in action. The morning hours are the best time to catch something going on in this area.

Conservation Station Vet Area

Song of the Rainforest – a 3D journey through the rainforest

Eco-Web – Conservation tips you can take home with you

Nutrition Center – See animal specialists preparing meals for animals throughout the park and learn about unique eating habits

Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Area – see creepy crawlies of every kind and learn of their effects on the earth and our effects on them.

Conservation Station Your Own Home

Located outside of Conservation Station is a petting zoo for all ages as well as discovery trail featuring cotton-top tamarin monkeys.

You can spend as much time or as little time as you’d like in Conservation Station. Trains leave back to Africa on a regular basis. Every time you visit you will have a different experience depending on what animals are on display and what procedures are taking place. You will come away having a better appreciation of those we share this earth with.

Conservation Station at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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