2019 June, 25

Top reasons why you shouldn’t wait on taking your preschooler to Disney! Updated April 2021

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Why, now more than ever, you should take your preschooler to Disney! UPDATED April 15, 2021 In 2019, I highlight some of the top reasons you should consider taking your preschooler to Walt Disney World here.  A first trip to Walt Disney World is still magical, even with changes made to create a safe environment for all guests and Cast Members.  They remember more than you think. Our first family trip was March 2017.  We found ourselves back for Labor Day weekend in September 2017.  Emalee was asking about different rides, characters, and recalling so much from our first trip!  [...]

2017 May, 2

Character Dining at 1900 Park Fare

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  Every time I visit Walt Disney World, I try at least one new place to dine. For my last trip home, I decided one of these restaurants would be 1900 Park Fare. I had heard so many great things and wanted to experience it for myself. I couldn’t decide between breakfast and dinner, so I chose both! Let me share a little about each dining experience and what I loved about them. Things to know about 1900 Park Fare:  This restaurant is located on the Deluxe Resort monorail loop at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Dining is available [...]

2016 August, 11

Extending the Magic, The Advantages of Bouncing Back to Disney World

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Are you a self-professed Disney World junkie that is planning your next trip before your current trip ends or maybe a newbie that is addicted during your first visit and already planning to come back? Well you are in luck, did you know that Disney offers to book your next trip WITH a discount before you even leave? Yes, this really is as good as it seems and I’ve included the details below just make sure you do this before departure because like Cinderella’s wish, this offer expires. You have to secure the reservation BEFORE 10 pm on the day [...]

2016 April, 21

Sailing with Character

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When you cruise with Disney Cruise Lines, you don’t just cruise, you cruise with characters. Imagine rubbing elbows with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, dancing with Princesses, chatting with Jack Sparrow, even telling Santa Claus your Christmas Wishes – all this and more can happen on a Disney Cruise. For the most part, character greetings on the cruise happen just like character greetings in the parks. The character greeting schedules are posted in your Personal Navigator as well as through the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. You can also see daily schedules at the electronic boards next to the elevators [...]

2016 April, 12

Aladdin’s Oasis Paint The Night Dining Package– A Review

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  Disneyland has 2 amazing ways to splurge on dining and get Preferred Viewing for the Paint The Night Parade! You can dine at Blue Bayou or Aladdin’s Oasis. Blue Bayou is a nice sit down restaurant in New Orleans Square; and Aladdin’s Oasis is small café located in Adventureland. At Aladdin’s Oasis, the Paint the Night special is an On-the-Go package which you can dine in or take it with you! The Rules for the Package are Simple: One Paint the Night preferred viewing area voucher per Dining Package purchased. Each person in the party must purchase a Dining [...]

2015 March, 4

Some Interesting Pieces to Have Autographed

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An Autograph-ed Book At every street cart, ride exit, and shop at any Disney Park, you will find the exclusive and official Autograph book, complete with matching pen.  The first time my daughter was old enough to appreciate getting the characters’ signatures, that’s exactly what we bought.  I even bought the one that had slots for 4x6 pictures so I could put her pictures with the characters in the book right next to their autographs (like I ever have pictures actually printed…). Then we got home with it, and she wanted to play with it and draw in it.  At first, [...]

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