When you’re traveling on Disney Cruise Line, you’re traveling on a sailing that was made with families in mind. From large staterooms with bathtubs to amazing Broadway style entertainment, there truly is something for everyone on a Disney Cruise. When you’re packing your bags, don’t forget these important items.

  1. Costumes – If your sailing is traveling to the Bahamas or Caribbean, you’ll be able to experience Disney’s Pirate Night Deck Party. Family pictures with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee are adorable with everyone dressed as their favorite pirate. Your sailing may include a Star Wars Day at Sea. Dress as your favorite rebel or bounty hunter! There’s also a Frozen deck party on select sailings. If you’re sailing during Halloween, you won’t want to miss out on Halloween on the High Seas.


  1. Waterproof Watch – If you’re like me, you likely use your smartphone instead of wearing a watch. Be sure to wear a waterproof watch while cruising so you don’t miss a minute of the fun. You may need to be sure you make a character greeting on the pool deck but you’re relaxing in one of the hot tubs. There aren’t clocks around the ship, so your watch will make sure you are never late for an important date.
  1. Smart phone – You may want to bring your smart phone on board with you for pictures as well as utilizing the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. The app includes the on board activities as well as menus, port information and more. There is even a chat feature so you can send messages to family or friends on board (with fun Disney icons!). Be sure to download the app before you board, put your phone in airplane mode and then connect to the ship’s WiFi for access.


  1. Lanyard – If you’re a first time cruiser, you won’t receive a Castaway Club lanyard. I suggest bringing a lanyard with an ID holder to easily hold your Key to the World card. We also found it handy for storing receipts as we made on board purchases. Even if you carry it instead of wearing it, the lanyard makes it easily accessible.
  1. Old Gift Card – If you’re on the Fantasy or Dream, the stateroom lights are controlled by putting your room key in a slot near the door. (This helps prevent people from leaving the lights and air conditioning on when not in the room). I recommend bringing a couple old gift cards that you can insert. This way, you can’t accidentally lock yourself out of the room! (Bring cards you don’t mind losing as the Mousekeepers may remove your card to insert theirs and it may be misplaced).
  1. Flashlight/nightlight – Pack a flashlight and extra batteries in all of your suitcases right now. If you’re on a ship, in a hotel, or in any other unfamiliar place and the power goes out, you’ll be happy you have a flashlight to navigate the dark. You may also want to bring a nightlight to plug in at night to help you and your cabin mates navigate the dark cabin at night. (This is especially true with inside cabins).
  1. Tumbler or other reusable cup – On Disney Cruise Line, fountain drinks from the refill stations at the pool deck are included in your cruise fare. Use one of Disney’s disposable cups to fill your own cup (that will likely hold a lot more than those small ones!). Then you can take it with you throughout the ship. We also loved using ours to ensure we stayed hydrated while playing in the sun on Castaway Cay without having to run back to Cookie’s BBQ every time we needed water.


  1. Extra swimsuit/cover up – If you’re sailing to the Caribbean or Bahamas, you’ll likely be spending plenty of time in the pool or on the beach. Bring an extra swimsuit so you don’t have to put on a wet suit the next day. (There is a clothesline in your shower to hang them, but they don’t always dry overnight).


  1. Gum – If you’re a gum chewer, bring your own gum as you won’t find any on board. But please be respectful and dispose of it properly.
  1. Your family and Friends – You’re going to love your Disney Cruise! And cruises are much more fun with friends and family. There are plenty of activities on board for everyone. There’s adult dining, family trivia, Bingo, animation classes, games shows and more. The great thing about cruising is that it’s easy to spend as much time together (or apart) as you want!


Set sail on Disney Cruise Line! I’d love to help you plan your family’s sailing. Email me at or you can find me on Facebook. You can also call me at 1-800-670-4312, ext 129. I can’t wait to plan your MAGICAL vacation!