Going on a Disney Cruise and are not sure what to expect with Disney’s new embarkation protocols? Keep reading, BUT keep in mind, Disney Cruise Line protocols are being adjusted as needed so they can be as safe as they possibly can be. The following might not be exactly what you will experience, BUT it will give you an idea of what to expect. 

UPDATE ON 9-2-21: All Guests, regardless of age and vaccination status, are required to take a COVID-19 test administered by Inspire Diagnostics at the terminal before boarding & Disney Cruise Line will cover the cost.

First and foremost, make sure to follow Disney’s instruction via the Safe Passage website. This is key to a successful Pre-Sail Screening. Once you have given a “CLEAR” Pre-Sail Screening status, you can come to port. This is conveyed in an email and also in your Safe Passage account. 

So you have received a “CLEAR” status in the Pre-Sail section of Safe Passage now what? 

When you arrive to the port, there will be an attendant who will validate your arrival time.  

Please Note: Disney Cruise Line has given you a port arrival time. It is very important you arrive during your window. You will be asked to come back if you are too early. 

A port attendant will take your luggage. 

Please Note: If you do not have Disney cruise tags, it’s OK! The port attendant will make them out for you. 

Once your luggage has been situated, you will either be asked to go ahead to the terminal OR cross the street to the testing tents. 

READ ON if you are required to complete an Embarkation Screening. This was us! Our kids are 8 and 9, so a negative test was required 5 days before AND right before they were allowed to board the ship. 

We walked across the street to the testing tent. They have sectioned booths inside.

They scan the code on your boarding paperwork and hand you testing kits; pen, sticker, and tube. You write names and birthdates. The cast member hands you the swab/s. Parents swab the kids in your travel party. The testing attendant places the swabs in the tubes. 

After your party had been tested, they move your party to a results waiting tent. Don’t worry! They are socially distanced AND air conditioned. 

There is a TV screen with your reservation. It will tell you if you are cleared or not.  It took about 45 minutes from the time we were dropped off to get our results to board. Be patient, times can vary! 

Once you get the “CLEAR” status, your party can proceed to the cruise terminal. 

Once you have reached the terminal, you will go through the normal process of verifying identities with proper paperwork, security, and waiting for your boarding group to be called! 

PHEW! You have made it through the tough part! NOW you can relax and have the time of your life! 

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