5 NEW DCL Protocols We HOPE STAY

Covid has brought on so many changes in every aspect of our lives. This is especially true for travel. In order to resume operations, Disney Cruise Line has made many changes in order to keep guests AND cast members safe.

Keep reading for the DCL changes we hope stay!

  1. This one will probably change as ship capacity increases, and is just not feasible anymore, BUT at this point in time, elevators are limited to ONE family or TWO individuals. Yay for not being smooshed like a sardine. Now, keep in mind, this might also cause you to wait a little long for an elevator, but silver lining right?
  2. Receipts show up in your Disney Cruise Line app! It even gives you the option to add additional gratuity to beverage purchases! So convenient!
  3. Guest Services and the Port Adventures desk are operating by appointment only! Any time I can make an appointment that allows me to spend LESS time waiting in line, I 100% support.  You call guest services from your cabin phone to make your appointment. 9 times out of 10 you won’t even have to make an appointment, they can assist over the phone.
  4. Guest Services chat feature! Have a quick question? Send a chat request through your app! There will be times when the app will place you in a queue to wait for a cast member, but no worries, the app notifies you when it’s your turn!
  5. AND LAST, but definitely NOT LEAST, the virtual MUSTER DRILL. Please, DCL, keep this! You are instructed to go to the location/letter that is assigned to your stateroom. You take a photo of the letter above your assigned location and DONE! No more standing for what seems like a million years, baking in the hot sun! There is also a safety briefing that is aired on the screens around the ship and in your stateroom. This happens around 5:15 pm.

Change isn’t always “bad.” The above changes, while made by necessity, in my opinion, will enhance your Disney Cruise Line experience. If you haven’t had a chance to check out another recent update to DCL’s new embarkation screening process, be sure to read it! 

I’d love to help you book your next Disney Cruise, be it your very FIRST or TENTH! Nothing beats having a guide who has cruised since all the changes have come about! You can contact me at Lizeth@TravelWithTheMagic.com.