I truly love staying at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa when I travel to Disney, it has become a special place for my family. It is Disney’s Flagship resort and offers a wide variety of activities and restaurants. It recently had it rooms updated and they have added cabanas to the main pool area. The cabanas are pricey but a very relaxing way to spend a day or even a half day. It is one stop from the Magic Kingdom via the monorail. There is a wonderful website all about the Grand Floridian and its link is posted in the links section. It is www.wherethemagiclives.com you wont find another site with more news, pictures, and tips. It has detailed information about the shopping, dining, the suites, and more.

Here are some links into the site: http://www.wherethemagiclives.com/accommodations.html

Dining info: http://www.wherethemagiclives.com/dining.html

Recreation: http://www.wherethemagiclives.com/recreation.html

Concierge or club level at the Grand: http://www.wherethemagiclives.com/concierge_at_the_grand_floridian.html

For more information about Grand Floridian also check out the Grand Floridian FAQ at MagicChatLive: