My family’s take of Rip Ride Rockit – Universal Studios


My family eagerly rushed to the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios. My family rates this high-speed roller coaster an overall fun roller coaster experience.

When you get in line for this exciting ride, you will notice large screen displays that provide instructions for this ride. We quickly realized that you get to pick your own song to listen to while riding this roller coaster. Be sure to pay attention to these instructions because you do not have long to make your song selections after boarding this ride.

The boarding process for this roller coaster is a little different from most. There is a moving sidewalk allowing passengers to load and unload. Each train has two attached cars each holding six riders for a total of twelve. Once you board, waste no time making your song selections. The speakers are embedded in the seat allowing each passenger to make a different song selection. There are five categories to choose from: Classic Rock/Heavy Metal, Club/Electronica, Country, Rap/Hip-Hop, and Pop Music/Disco.

I was a little nervous about making the 167 foot vertical climb. The roller coaster reaches speeds up to 65 miles per hour with your favorite tune in your ears the entire time. There are several twists and turns but you don’t actually go upside down. You will also speed through a building in the New York section of Universal Studios.

This is definitely a more thrilling ride and is suitable for thrill seekers 51” or taller. You will definitely not want any loose possessions, totes, or cameras on you for this ride. Electronic lockers are available free of charge.

For you roller coaster enthusiast, this is a ride worth experiencing. Let me help you be a part of the fun by planning your next vacation to Orlando, FL.

Michelle Terry