“Welcome… to Jurassic Park!”


Enter Universal’s Islands of Adventure ‘s Jurassic Park and step into the tropical world of InGen and discover for yourself the mystery of the dinosaurs!

Universal has recreated the visitor center and theme park of the Jurassic Park movies with all the details of a primeval island!

Your first stop should be the Discovery Center where you will find educational displays aimed at children and adults.


Watch out, because towering above you will be the fossilized remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Apatosaurus and Pteranodon!


If you’d like, you can get up close and personal by climbing to the second floor landing!

The rotunda down stairs has several stations along the wall including Mr. DNA: the goofy cartoon character from the first Jurassic Park Movie.


Mr. DNA will help you determine what kind of dinosaur DNA you have: would you be a ferocious man-eater or a placid herbivore? You can only find out at the Discovery Center!

Also in this area is the nursery where baby dinosaurs are born every day!


This hatchery provides discovery windows where guests can examine the dinosaur eggs for themselves; and, if you are lucky, you might just see a Velociraptor hatch!


Adjacent to the Discovery Center is a gift shop where a variety of dinosaur gifts can be found. T-shirts make great souvenirs and the gift shop has some special ones for the dinosaur lover in each of us!


Once you have explored the Discovery Center, it’s time to take a plunge down the River Adventure! This ride is a peek into the island of Nublar, Costa Rica, where the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are lurking!


Take a leisurely raft ride down the river and see peaceful dinosaurs, such as, Ultrasaurus. Stegosaurus and Dilophosauruses, in their natural habitat. This ride seems like a great adventure until something goes wrong and your raft is taken off course. You suddenly find yourself in the midst of Raptors tracking your every move and a hungry T-Rex screaming for dinner! Your only escape is down an 85-foot plunge to safety! And you make it!


This gripping ride may not be suitable for everyone in your family, so make sure before you hop on!


And don’t worry if you get wet, there are jumbo dryers waiting for you!

You Survived Jurassic Park!

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