2019 June, 17

Top Reasons to purchase a beverage package on Royal Caribbean

2023-11-12T15:30:53-05:00June 17, 2019|Cruising, Royal Caribbean, Travel Destinations|2 Comments

“Is the beverage package worth it?”  That is a question I am frequently asked by clients.  As a traveler, I never purchased one because I didn’t think it was worth the money and would not save me any money.  As a travel agent, I am willing to try everything once, so I can offer well-researched advice.  After booking our most recent cruise, and first on Royal Caribbean, it was time to research! Royal Caribbean offers several drink packages, although we only considered two – the refreshment package and the deluxe beverage package.  Both packages offer fountain sodas, Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages, [...]

2018 March, 27

Benefits & Tips For Disney Cruise Line Second Seating Dining

2018-03-27T06:00:58-04:00March 27, 2018|Disney Cruise Line|0 Comments

You finally did it… You took the plunge (or are thinking about) and booked your very first Disney Cruise. You WILL NOT be disappointed! Disney Cruise Line is amazing. First before we jump into how to maneuver your 2nd seating Disney Cruise dining arrangement with kids, let’s FIRST go over a little be about seating assignments and how they work. There are TWO dining seating assignments on Disney Cruise Line; Main and Second Seating. Main Seating is between 5:45pm and 6:15pm. Second Seating is between 8:00pm and 8:30pm. Now, you CAN request a particular seating assignment when you book (or [...]

2018 March, 8

Disney Dream Cruise Ship Character Meet and Greet Tips

2018-03-08T06:00:22-05:00March 8, 2018|Disney Cruise Line|0 Comments

I love seeing the looks on my kids’ faces when they get a hug from their favorite Disney characters. Did you know that you can also meet characters on a Disney cruise? I’ve listed some of my favorite character meet and greet tips below! Arrive 15 minutes before the meet and greet is scheduled to start. On Disney cruises, the meet and greet cast member will only allow people to get in line to meet the character for approximately 15 minutes. If you arrive after the cast member has declared that the line to meet the character is closed, they [...]

2017 July, 27

Disney’s Blizzard Beach With Small Kids

2023-10-05T17:32:57-04:00July 27, 2017|Disney Travel|0 Comments

A lot of people skip over the water parks when they go to Walt Disney world, especially families with young children. Some think there wouldn’t be much for them to do, however, there is SO MUCH for little ones at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, my two year old loves it! First of all, there is a whole toddler/preschool play area called Tike’s Peak. It if off to the right after you come in the gates. There are plenty of chairs over there for mom and dad as well, and lots of shade! Not only do they have a zero entry kiddie [...]

2017 February, 7

How to Decide Where to Go on Your Family Vacation

2023-10-04T18:08:24-04:00February 7, 2017|Travel Destinations|0 Comments

  It’s time to plan a Family Vacation! But, oh, the stress that comes with deciding on where to travel! I’m here to help relieve you of some of the stress that goes along with that decision. There are several factors that might affect your choice of destination. Here are five factors that may help you narrow down your Vacation Destination: Age of Travelers- If you are traveling as a couple with just two adults, this category of factors does not affect you and you can move on to the next category! However, if you’re traveling with more than one [...]

2016 December, 12

What Age Should You Take Your Kids To Disney?

2023-10-30T16:49:14-04:00December 12, 2016|Disney Travel|0 Comments

  One question that I get asked frequently when discussing Disney vacations is, “What’s a good age to take my kids to Disney?” and I’m here to break down that answer for you. The one thing to remember is all families are different; they vary in size, income, and ages. I know, the idea of taking a newborn, a toddler, a kindergartner, a twelve year old or even a sixteen year old to Disney sounds challenging, but I’m here to tell you that no age is going to be easier than another. But the answer to this question is simple [...]

2016 December, 9

Saratoga Springs with Kids

2023-10-04T17:48:26-04:00December 9, 2016|Disney Travel|0 Comments

Saratoga Springs often gets overlooked as a great resort to stay in because it is a couple minutes farther from the parks. In my opinion, there are more pros than cons and what is five more minutes of a drive or bus ride? Here are some reasons why Saratoga Springs is a great place to stay with kids   1.) Pools: There are several pools at Saratoga Springs, but our favorite was the pool in the Paddock section. There is a zero entry pool with a great big waterslide, and our favorite, a separate toddler play area that was totally [...]

2016 August, 9

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe at Disney Parks

2016-08-09T06:00:35-04:00August 9, 2016|Disney Travel|0 Comments

While we would all like to think that nothing bad could ever happen to us or our children on vacation to the happiest place on earth, unfortunately that is not the reality of the world we live in. Even in Disney, it is not safe to let your guard down or let your children wander far from you. Some parks and days can be extremely crowded and busy, so try these tips for making sure your kids stay safe while traveling to a Disney Park. 1.) Teach your kids your cell phone number. That way, if they are lost, they can [...]

2016 July, 12

5 Reasons to Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line

2016-07-12T06:00:12-04:00July 12, 2016|Travel Destinations|0 Comments

Norwegian Cruise Line is an incredible cruise line and strives to have you cruise again and again with them. They are not only renovating all their fleets, they have gone above and beyond on every aspect of their cruises from expanding their cruise destinations and port stops to bringing the absolute finest features and details to every aspect of every cruise. They want their cruise line to be the best and they sincerely want their clients to come back and sail with them again and again. Food and Flexibility. Norwegian Cruise Line has over twenty dining options from buffet style, [...]

2016 February, 1

Star Wars Days at Sea

2023-09-29T17:55:51-04:00February 1, 2016|Disney Travel, Disney World|0 Comments

I just got off of the Disney Fantasy, on a week long cruise to the Caribbean. Not only was it a seven night cruise, but it was the inaugural Star Wars Day at Sea cruise. Without giving away too much, I wanted to highlight some of the surprises and “extras” that happened during that day, for all the Star Wars fans on board. Characters: There were characters walking around the decks all day long, and we were also given the opportunity to attend a couple of meet and greet with a special ticket that was put in our room the [...]

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