At Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park, you’ll find thrills of all kinds from superheroes to the Wizarding World, and even the prehistoric variety. In Jurassic Park, you can come face to face with the dinosaurs, just as John Hammond intended.

When you enter through the gates at Jurassic Park, the movie’s iconic theme song will immediately be playing in your head. You’ll wonder how Universal transported everything from that mysterious island to southern Florida!

One of the more interactive areas in Jurassic Park is the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. In the Center, you’ll experience and learn about the science of how Jurassic Park was made. From imaging the ground to determine the location and type of fossils, to the nitty gritty of DNA and what makes you YOU, you’ll learn a lot about how Jurassic Park came to be.


While visiting, you may get to meet one of the veterinarians and see how they care for the animals. My daughter got to go help distract a baby triceratops so they could give her (the dinosaur) a vaccine.

baby triceratops
And keep a close eye on the egg nursery. You may be lucky enough to see a baby dinosaur hatching! The doctors take suggestions for names from the crowd present, and if your name is chosen, you get to sign their log book and you receive a special dinosaur birth certificate to take home to show all of your friends.

The Center is also home to life size dinosaur skeletons so you can appreciate the massive size of these majestic creatures. There is also a Center gift shop, so you can bring some memories home with you.

As you explore further into the jungle of Jurassic Park, you’ll encounter many different photo opportunities as you head to the Jurassic Park River Adventure. This ride is designed to take you through the more peaceful, veggie loving dinosaurs. But stay alert…..danger may be just around the corner! (Note – you may get very wet on this ride. And there is a part that may scare some younger (or skittish older) visitors).



If you’re hungry, you can satisfy even at T-Rex’s appetite at Pizza Predattoria, The Burger Digs and Thunder Falls Terrace. At Thunder Falls, your carnivores will enjoy the ribs and rotisserie chicken, burgers or turkey legs. And your herbivores will love the salads, soups, and rice and beans.

For younger visitors, there are fun carnival style games where they can test their skills and maybe take home a prize. There is a climbing wall so your little explorer can pretend they are looking for fossils. (The climbing wall and games do have an additional cost). They will also love Camp Jurassic! This is a fun play area, designed for kids. There are tunnels, caves and treehouses to explore. And the best part for parents? There’s only one entry/exit. So you can sit and relax and watch your kids play with no worries about them wandering into the path of a T-Rex! Camp Jurassic is also home to the Pteranodon Flyers attraction. This is a ride that gives kids a high in the sky view of Jurassic Park and the rest of the park. (Note that you must be under height to ride or have one rider who meets the height requirement).




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