2010 August, 6

Day 19 #31DBBB Write an Opinion Post

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Writing an opinion post. 1. Have you written opinion posts in the past? If so, do you notice a difference in the way your writers respond to these posts? No I have not. 2. Do you tend to like reading opinion posts, or do they make you uncomfortable? I don't mind reading others opinions and I don't feel uncomfortable at all.

2010 August, 5

Day 18 #31DBBB Create a Sneeze Page

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So this is what a sneeze page is: A sneeze page is a concept ProBlogger came up with as a strategy to direct readers deeper into a blog by highlighting previously written posts. You can create a sneeze page with posts revolving around a single theme or a period of time. By promoting it prominently on your homepage, you can develop another opportunity for people to link within your site. I have never done this before and had never even heard of it but I do think that it could be helpful. I think that once I have more posts [...]

2010 August, 5

Day 17 #31DBBB Watch A First Time Reader Use Your Blog

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Question 1: When you asked someone to navigate through your blog for the first time what did they seem drawn to? Well I had someone go thru it and liked the colors and way it looked and the pics that had been posted. Question 2: What useful observations and/or feedback did they offer? Needs a sidebar, needs more posts about Disney and news, and they also thought that the top or header should be different. These are all things I already thought as well and have been working on it my free time.

2010 August, 3

Day 15 #31DBBB Find a Blog Buddy

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Day 15 Today we are supposed to find a blog buddy in our niche. For me that is Amy at Growing Up Disney. We have been chatting and helping each other out with re-tweets and Facebook and "likes". Amy writes a great blog with her family and she posts wonderful pictures about Disney and her vacations there. I really like reading her blog! 1) Have you ever collaborated or worked with another blogger to mutually grow or improve your blog? Not really I just started working with Amy and have tried to spend some time reading Disney Dean Disney blog [...]

2010 August, 1

Day 14 #31DBBB Update a Key Page on Your Blog

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This would be a cool thing to work on if I had more than just the one page. I don't have tabs that lead to other pages and all that fun stuff. During the course of this challenge I have have seen some really great blog set ups and have some ideas on how I would like mine to look. When I go to a blog page now I look at the head and the sidebar right away and see what they have going on. It is crisp and easy to navigate or is it just buttons and ads everywhere? [...]

2010 July, 30

Day 12 #31DBBB – Develop An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

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So Lynda who I told you about in my last post has posted a link to an editorial calendar that seems like it would be great for helping you with your posting and keeping me organized. Now this seems like it would help someone like me who is trying (I really am LOL) this whole blogging thing. Anyways... For me I am not sure this plug in will even work. My whole website was built in Wordpress and yes I have a blog on here but its not really set up like a blog. I have NO idea how to [...]

2010 July, 29

Day 11 #31DBBB Come Up with 10 Post Ideas

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Good Morning! So todays challenge is to come up with 10 post ideas and use the method of Mind Mapping. I had never tried this before and I worked on it alittle bit this morning and it did help. The more blogs that I read from the ladies on SITSgirls the more ideas I come up with and its been fun reading and discovering them all. I have come up with some ideas that I had not thought of at all but with my blog I want to keep it about travel, Disney, tips, pics, and links. I want to [...]

2010 July, 28

Day 10 #31DBBB Set Up Alerts

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1) Have you ever used alerts for your blog or otherwise? How was it useful? This is something I have actually done recently. I read about it on this blog so I figured why not. I went in and set up alerts on my name, the name of the company, and a few other Disney sites I watch. It is interesting to get the alerts as I didn't know anything about them before and it helps me see what is posted about me, who did it, and where it was posted. 2) What keywords did you use to set up [...]

2010 July, 27

Day 9 #31DBBB Join a Forum and Start Participating

2010-07-27T12:30:29-04:00July 27, 2010|Mom Businesses|1 Comment

Good Morning. So today the challenge is to join a forum in my niche and start participating. This one is not hard for me, I am already a member of several forums about Disney and Disney travel. I love Disney and it is my passion and I have made some wonderful friends and clients from message boards. I post regularly on Magic Chat Live it is a friendly and helpful Disney Message board. They have news, pics, tips, trip reports, info about deals and so much more. Posting on Disney message boards is fun but you have to be careful. [...]

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