2022 June, 10

What To Do When You Can’t Reserve Popular Disney Dining Options

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You and your travel advisor plan each meal and park meticulously, everything is perfect but at 60 days when dining reservations opens for your vacation dates….. the stars don’t align and your must dos aren't available! So what happens when you don’t get what you want on the first try?  I know it is frustrating, but we have some tips to help! Stay flexible! It might be available on another date that might not be your first choice - but try for other dates! Keep looking! Your trusted travel advisor will keep tabs on your most wanted reservations, but it [...]

2017 May, 25

A Timeline for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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There’s so much that goes in to planning a Walt Disney World vacation – from dining reservations to FastPasses to booking all of those special experiences that make your vacation practically perfect in every way. Along with the planning comes a very specific timeline that’s very important to follow. Not only will your travel planner help you with choosing a resort and making sure you have a well thought out itinerary, but we will also help to ensure you stay on the timeline and nothing is missed. Below is a list of very important dates from the moment you book [...]

2017 April, 4

7 Ways To Cure Your Post Disney Blues

2017-04-04T06:00:21-04:00April 4, 2017|Disney World|0 Comments

  You are having the most magical time at Walt Disney World. Then, you come back to your resort room that final night only to find your eviction notice, the dreaded “Tragical Express” papers, the sign that your vacation has come to an end. Now what? It has gone too fast and you are already beginning to miss the fun you had. Here are 7 ways to cure your post Disney blues. Book your next vacation! Disney usually offers a Bounce Back Offer. You may receive an email while at Walt Disney World or check your packet of information in [...]

2017 January, 31

Top 5 Tips for a Large Family Disney Vacation

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Disney Vacations can sometimes be a once in a lifetime ordeal for a large, extended family. And these types of trips aren’t a walk in the park to plan! Especially if Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins are all involved!  Personally, I’ve been on multiple extended family Disney Vacations since I was a young child. Today I’m going to give you my top five biggest tips when planning a large family Disney Vacation. #1 - Determine your budget. The most important factor in planning a large, family vacation is the budget. You’ll need to decide if every individual family is paying [...]

2016 February, 29

The One Tip To Help Avoid Rookie Mistakes on Disney Trips

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A few short years ago, I was in the midst of one of the happiest – and most stressful - times of my life! I was planning a wedding AND a Disney vacation at the same time! Looking back, I think I spent more time worrying about the honeymoon at Disney World than I worried about the actual wedding! We had booked our vacation with a local travel agent – her services began and ended with making sure our resort and flights were taken care of, so I was left to plan all the details myself. Now, full disclosure – [...]

2015 October, 14

Stress Free at Disney with Kids

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When going to Disney, whether you are a planner or like to wing it, here are some tips to making it stress free. 1. Make your dining reservations ahead of time. Even if you like to be flexible, I recommend making one table service reservation a day. This will give everyone some downtime and your feet a break. You can make your dining reservations as early as 180 days in advance of your arrival date. 2. Schedule your 3 Fastpass+ attractions for each day. This will ensure that you will have short wait times for some of your favorite rides. [...]

2015 June, 15

Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid when planning a Disney Vacation

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Planning a trip to Disney World can seem never ending and very overwhelming, but planning is a very important part of enjoying your vacation or it may turn out to be miserable instead of magical. I’ve compiled this list of the most common mistakes people make when planning and visiting Disney World. 1. Not Staying On Property – There are many perks to staying on property that play a vital role in planning the perfect vacation. The most important one is being able to make dining reservations at 180 + 10 days. This means you’re able to make dining reservations [...]

2014 December, 17

FastPass at Disneyland/California Adventure Will Help You Go Fast!

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Most of you know that I love Disneyland. I don’t want Walt Disney World to feel slighted by me, but I love Disneyland just a little more. One of the reasons I feel this way is because of the FastPass system at Disneyland. There are pros and cons to the FastPass systems at both parks, but the system at Walt Disney World is a bit more complicated. At Walt Disney World, you definitely need the help of a travel agent (call me, I’m glad to oblige) to navigate the system. The system at Disneyland is just a bit simpler. (By [...]

2014 November, 24

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside: A Resort Bucket List

2014-11-24T06:00:00-05:00November 24, 2014|Disney World|0 Comments

Our next Disney vacation is coming up and I can hardly contain my excitement! Fun at the parks is not the only thing I have a plan for. Planning fun resort activities is a must! Some time in the middle of our trip we also set aside a “resort day” where we take it easy and further take advantage of all the fun our resort has to offer. Port Orleans Riverside will be our home away from home this trip and I have compiled a resort bucket list I would LOVE to tackle on our resort day AND any other [...]

2014 October, 3

9 Fun steps to plan the perfect Disney Christmas surprise!

2023-10-23T16:27:28-04:00October 3, 2014|Disney Travel, Disney World|0 Comments

What would be a perfect Christmas gift for your whole family? A trip to Walt Disney World, of course! Here's how to make it happen for YOUR family, and have a fun time in the process! Step 1 - Start Planning Now! Whenever you read this, now is the time! I can't stress this enough. You'll thank me later, when the holidays are upon you, and your plans are already in place. You can spend late December baking cookies with your kids instead of worrying about how to make this happen. Booking early also gives you the best choices of [...]

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